Sun is an source of limitless energy. It provides us Light and Heat. We can convert Sunlight light into Electricity and can also capture heat for various use. Energy thus captured from SUN is free & non-polluting. Basically there are two ways to use Solar Energy in house : 1. SOLAR Thermal Energy : used for making HOT Water : Install Solar Water Heaters 2. SOLAR Electricity : used for all electrical loads : Install Solar Photo voltaic (PV) Plant.

Basically and Technically YES, you must further understand : 1. The installed capacity of Solar Plant must be calculated on the connected loads 2. In case of OFF-GRID system, you must also make provision in calculation for night usage of your load. 3. In case of ON-GRID system, your SOLAR Plant size can be bit flexible as additional power needed can be compensated from grid power. 4. For heavy surge loads like Washing Machine, Air-conditioners, Pumps etc.., special electronic gadgets must be installed

Solar electrical power is the most sensible way to go. No it is not costly at all. - Solar power plant can be installed on your terrace after calculating your energy consumption pattern. - There is an initial investment which will be recovered through reduction in your electricity bills in 3 years. - SOLAR Plant will run for 20 years with basic maintenance. So free electricity for rest years